Better together.

Coming to the table with empathy for the entrepreneur makes our approach unique. We are entrepreneurs with operating experience and understand what it takes to grow a business. You need the right financial partner to provide advice, direction, and value.

Backed by experience

Our team has started, grown, operated, and sold companies. We understand the challenges of growing businesses and are here to be partners in achieving your goals.

 A Smooth Process

You’re busy, we’re busy. We close 92% of our proposed transactions, and we close them on time.

 Flexible Structures

Everyone has a unique set of goals in mind. We structure transactions with those goals at the forefront.

Romir is not only a brilliant, financially oriented investor and business owner, he is a fantastic leader. It isn’t that everything he touches turns to gold—although it always seems to—it’s that he uses sound financial principles, research and time-tested strategies that ensure success for himself, the businesses and people he works with.

Kevin PrinceCEO of StratoZen

I have known Romir for more than 20 years, as a client, as a leader in his firm, and as a business partner. He is continuously driven to deliver outstanding results and is supported by infinite curiosity, extraordinary discipline and a demonstrated willingness to work harder than anyone else. This example naturally elevates the like-minded and motivated people and companies he invests in, so their game only gets better the more they work with him. While there are no sure things in business, what I know for sure is that an investment in a company that Nadavon is involved with is one that is bound to grow.

Michael BarrackCEO of Accume Partners

We invest in the future game-changers of the financial technology sector.

Are you the right fit? Here’s who we look for:


High-Growth Companies

Depending on where you are in your company lifecycle, access to capital may be vital to continue your growth. Having been entrepreneurs, we understand that capital needs to come along with experience, advice, direction, and connections.

Management Teams

Our goal in a transaction is to assist in the growth of the company while not disrupting the existing management team. We welcome management teams to co-invest alongside us, and create a unique structure where we all prosper together.


Whether you’re looking for growth capital, some liquidity, or a full exit, we can structure a transaction that meets your goals. Having walked in your shoes, we understand the emotional and financial considerations that go along with completing a transaction.